One Piece 836 Spoilers: Big Mom?s Husband Helps Straw Hats Escape; Pekoms is Alive?

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One Piece 836

There were so many reveals and so many questions answered in One Piece Chapter 835: Nation of Souls, and fans could not be any happier. Here they are with a few spoilers for One Piece 836.

Big Mom?s Husband

We finally find out who this apple juice giant is or rather guy with a huge head (not a giant). Who would have thought that he would be significant? Nami and Luffy discovers that this guy was one of Big Mom?s old husbands and they had two daughters together. It looks like the daughters they had are Lola and Chiffon. Which explains why Lola looks like Big Mom.

A new character was also introduced, Charlotte Cracker, Big Mom?s 10th son. In the next chapters, we can expect Luffy and Nami to fight with Cracker in order to save Big Mom?s husband, who was good enough to give them intel. Once they defeat Cracker, Big Mom?s husband could help them escape the Island.

Big Mom?s Devil Fruit

Also in this chapter, it was revealed that Big Mom?s devil fruit is the Soul-Soul Fruit. The Soul-Soul Fruit allows Big Mom to eat souls or to transfer them to inanimate objects and bring them to life. It was also revealed that what Big Mom does is, every six months if a person wants to stay in Totto Land, they would have to give her a month?s worth of their life in exchange for protection and safety. This is the reason why Whole Cake Island and its forest is alive. Its animals too seem to be human-like after being injected with human soul. Their souls all came from the citizens of Totto Land.

One Piece 836

But the limit of Big Mom?s power is that she cannot transfer souls from one human being to another or to a dead person. This for sure, will be vital in the coming chapters.

Brulee?s Devil Fruit

Poor Carrot! She is now trapped in Brulee?s Mirror World, an ability from her Mirror Mirror Devil Fruit. Now we know why she can transform and imitate other humans. She could also probably imitate a person?s devil fruit ability, as we?ve seen when Luffy was fighting a mirror version of himself. We can also expect that Brulee is the one behind the clone versions of Luffy, Nami, Chopper, Carrot, Pudding, and Sanji – which are really just animals turned to look like their reflections.

Can Chopper handle Brulee? Fans believe that among the four, Chopper will be the best candidate to face off with Brulee. We can hope that soon enough, we?ll know the limitations to Brulee?s Devil Fruit and that we?ll see Chopper fight in a whole new level.

In One Piece 836, we still think that Jinbe or Aladine will come and save Pekoms, while Brook and Pedro will help Pudding escape. Once the Straw Hats convene, they can work together and save Sanji.

What do you think of Big Mom?s Devil Fruit? Do you also believe she?s a giant? Hit us up in comments section below.

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