One Piece 836 Spoilers: After Luffy?s Escape from the Seducing Woods, He Defeats Cracker and Saves Sanji

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Nothing can stop One Piece from returning with some big revelations, as usual. In One Piece 836, fans will find out Big Mom’s association with the man stuck to the ground. Meanwhile, Buggy will attend Big Mom?s party in WCI.

The final chapter of One Piece showed Cracker pulling out Lola’s father from the ground. Cracker is Big Mom’s son. He exposed some confidential details to Luffy’s group.

One of the most exciting things to look forward to in One Piece 836 is how Luffy will be able to find his way out of the Seducing Woods. There is a huge chance that he will finally be able to escape. In the previous chapters, it was revealed that Big Mom used her Devil Fruit to make it hard for Luffy to find his way out of the Seducing Woods.

One Piece 836 could see Luffy finally defeating Cracker. For him to be able to do so, he has to use his Conqueror’s Haki. As he does so, Lola’s father will be reminded of someone. This person has the same ability. He had met him when he ventured around the sea as a pirate.

In relation to coming face to face with Cracker, Luffy could be the one to save Sanji. If Luffy will be able to beat Big Mom?s son, the latter could also escape. As what fans have seen in the previous chapters, Luffy?s physical strength is so powerful.

On the other hand, if Luffy will not win in his battle with Crackle, he won?t be able to save Sanji. This means Sanji will have to completely surrender his fate to Big Mom. There would be no other way for Sanji to escape the island. He might end up marrying Purin, Big Mom?s daughter. The only thing that could save Sanji from the wedding is if Purin will be the one to step back. It was earlier reported that Purin also has her own uncertainties about her wedding with Sanji. She won?t be able to hide her true feelings and will consult the Straw Hats about it.

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