One Piece 836 Spoilers: Luffy Stuck In The Woods, Sanji-Purin Wedding Inevitable?

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One Piece 836 release date is going to be delayed for a week, so while we wait for the next episode, let us discuss what would transpire in the upcoming chapter of the manga series based on the happenings in the last installment.

Back in the previous chapter, fans saw Luffy trapped in the seducing woods created by Big Mom herself. Now, it is also a known fact that the Straw Hat captain is on a mission of saving their comrade Sanji from marrying Charlotte Purin, the 35th daughter of Big Mom. But, knowing that he is stuck inside the woods, the question is, will he make it in time?

According to spoilers on the internet, ?before Luffy can get out of the seducing woods, a huge fight should take place first. He might face two possible opponents – Big Mom or Charlotte Cracker. In the previous chapter, it was revealed that the seducing woods was created by Big Mom?s devil fruit?s ability. So, there are speculations that for Luffy to escape the trap, he should go up against the villain. But it is unlikely to happen because the character is expected to fight Big Mom at the end of the arc.

With that prediction in mind, it would leave the speculation that Luffy will face Cracker to escape the seducing woods. There are limited details about the character but he has already demonstrated his physical strength when he pulled a half-buried giant with only a hand. So, with that amount of power, a battle between the two will be well-received by the fans.

Speaking of One Piece 836, if ever Luffy would not be able to get out of the seducing woods soon, then the marriage between Sanji and Purin will become inevitable. However, there are speculations that Purin will have her own uncertainties about the wedding and will decide to talk to the Straw Hats. She will come up with the idea after knowing how important Sanji is to Luffy and the rest of the squad.

How about you? Do you think Luffy will finally escape the seducing woods in One Piece 836? Or, will the Sanji-Purin wedding take place instead? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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