One Piece 836 Release & Spoilers: Luffy to Fight with Charlotte Cracker; Sanji?s Wedding Will Push Through?

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Expect One Piece Chapter 836 to bring lots of surprising twists from the storyline. Fans do not have to wait long. One Piece Chapter 836 will be released as early as August 11. Based on spoilers, it will show apparent progress, like Luffy’s escape from the seducing woods. It looks like there is no way for Sanji to escape his marriage, as well as his unfortunate fate at the hands of Big Mom. There is a great chance that his life will be reduced due to some sort of alliance.

As for Luffy, the One Piece 836 upcoming chapter could see him finally finding his way out of the seducing wood. This could also be a breath of fresh air for the fans since it could be sickening to see Luffy as he keeps on running around in circles. However, it looks like things are not going to be so easy for him.

Charlotte Cracker, Big Mom’s tenth son, is going to arrive soon. Charlotte Cracker is supposedly going to do everything in his power to stop Luffy from escaping.

Therefore, fans should anticipate a really huge fight. What we’re actually looking forward to from this fight is that we are going to see Cracker’s skills and strength for the first time. Of course, we are already familiar with that of Luffy. It is safe to say that Cracker is deadly. After all, he is a commander in the Minister of Biscuit. He could not fit in into that role if he is not.

Meanwhile, Sanji’s wedding to Big Mom’s daughter will most likely push through according to One Piece 836 spoilers. Big Mom is set to show how enormous her power is at the wedding. Rumor has it that she will require a part of Sanji’s life span during the wedding ceremony. Sanji’s life reduction will be a sign of their alliance.

One Piece 836 will be released on August 11, 2016. For updates on the upcoming manga chapters and other anime related stories, check out more on TheBitBag!

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