One Piece 835 Spoilers: Big Mom?s True Identity To Be Finally Revealed?

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One Piece 835 chapter will not be easy for Sanji as he remains captive in his own place. It looks like all hope is gone and the shotgun wedding may finally come. After Sanji realizes that he’s been lured bigtime by his father and sister Reiji, Sanji may need more than the regular help to escape the Germa castle.

Previously, Sanji was rescued by the Straw Hats Pirates from Big Mom?s Cake Island after he was held captive and being forced to marry Big Mom’s daughter. Now, it looks like Sanji is meeting the same fate again after his father defeated him in their battle.

Pekoms will be saved by Aladine and the Sun Pirates, but Capone is the one who wants him dead. Apparently, Pekoms knew so much about Capone?s plans to betray Big Mom that he wants him dead immediately. Yes, Pekoms was initially shown to have been shot and fell from a cliff. Although viewers refused to accept that he?s dead, it looks like the sharks and Aladine will work together to save him. Bruises and all, Pekom will return alive for One Piece 835.

Current speculation reveal that Big Mom is also a giant and is working with Caesar Clown to help ?gigantify? kids in order for him to have the right companions. Caesar knew that he couldn?t do what Big Mom wants him to do so he plans an escape from Big Mom. One Piece 835 meanwhile will reveal the true identity of Big Mom with the speculations that she might just be a giant.

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In the previous chapter of One Piece, Jinbe asked Big Mom that he wants out of her shadows. Now, Big Mom allows him to do so, but in one condition; that he does whatever she says she?ll do. Now, people thinks Jinbe is a big fraud and a traitor after trying to do all the instructions given to him. Eventually, he came to realize that leaving is not currently his option, not when the challenges that came with it seek new height of great sacrifice for Jinbei.

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