One Piece 835 Spoilers: Big Mom Discovers Caesar Clown?s Lies, Sun Pirates and Aladine Rescue Pekoms?

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One Piece 835

Avid fans should expect to see Caesar Clown in serious trouble once One Piece 835 comes out. According to speculations, there is a huge chance that Big Mom will soon learn that Caesar Clown lied to her. He had made her and everyone believe that he is working for the World Government for his project. But the truth is that he is actually under the Charlotte leader and matriarch.

Caesar Clown was never totally honest with Big Mom. He feared for his life so much that he chose not to let her know that there was no way for him to transform kids into giants permanently. Another thing that could bring out the worst from Big Mom is when she finds out that he is spending his experiment’s funds to bring in ladies to Whole Cake Island for his own pleasure, instead of keeping his focus on finishing his project. All these lies could ruin his life completely now.

We are also looking into the chance that Pekoms may still be alive. We all know that he was shot and fell off a cliff. But Sun Pirates and Aladine could have saved his life. If they have been quick to rescue him and have treated his injuries, we might be seeing more of Pekoms in the next chapter.

Meanwhile, Luffy and the other Straw Hat pirates stay in the Seducing Woods. According to One Piece 835 predictions, they will find their way out of the forest very soon. They will be safe eventually and they will find Sanji. They are the ones that could save him from bondage.

On the other hand, Pedro and Brook are still looking for ways on how they can perform their plans. Loyal fans know that their intention is to steal the Road Poneglyph from Big Mom. What we have learned is that they may bump into Pudding as they attempt to penetrate the Charlotte clan. But this could be very difficult for them since the place is heavily guarded.

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