One Piece 832 Spoilers: Big Mom Does Something To Lure the Straw Hats Pirates

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This is not an ordinary mission for Luffy and the Straw Hats Pirates. In fact, this is a mission that will determine the fate of Sanji, who was kept hostage in Cake Island by Big Mom and her troops. And now that Luffy and his own troop have made it to the island, they are facing another challenge that will likely make them think to abort the mission. One Piece 832 spoilers reveal how Big Mom will do anything to keep Sanji on Cake Island.

But there?s no turning back for Luffy and the Straw Hats Pirates. Coming to Cake Island, they were immediately surrounded by Big Mom?s troops. Thinking they were trapped, Luffy asked whether the rest of the Pirates have seen any signs of Sanji around. Now, it looks like Big Mom has figured another way to fight the Straw Hats Pirates by making them believe that Sanji is within their reach.

During the battle, Luffy constantly sees Sanji among the enemies and when he tries to go after him, Sanji suddenly disappears in the crowd. The head of the Straw Hats will also follow Sanji wherein he encounters the same thing; Sanji keeps moving around and seems to enjoy confusing them. However, reports say that this is not the real Sanji and Big Mom has found a way to lure them and make them believe that he is.

One Piece 832 spoilers also revealed how Pedro and Brook will take a different route in finding Sanji. While the rest of the Straw Hats Pirates will march to Cake Island, Pedro and Brook are on a mission to take Road Poneglyph.


Now, while the battle to find Sanji is going on, One Piece 832 spoilers reveal that a wedding ceremony has not transpired between Sanji and Big Mom?s daughter Charlotte LinLin. Unfortunately, some scenes showing a clone of Luffy will also appear; describing the Straw Hats Pirates stay on Cake Island as being under the enchantment of Big Mom.

One Piece 832 is expected to release on Thursday, July 14, 2016. Mark the date and make sure to check on for more updates on the One Piece manga series.

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