One Piece 832 Spoilers and 831 Recap: Straw Hats Take on Cake Island, Trapped in the Seducing Woods?

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There?s a new challenge in One Piece 832 as the Straw Hats flex their muscles and try to save their co-pilot from a shotgun wedding. As Sanji was taken to Cake Island under Big Mom?s authority, Luffy and the other Straw Hat Pirates have risked their lives in trying to prevent the hideous occasion from pushing through in the previous chapter, One Piece 831.

We all know that Big Mom wants Sanji to marry her daughter Purin, and it?s the tough challenge of battling the whole crew of Big Mom that hinders the Straw Hats from mounting a successful rescue. According to Jobs&Hire, Purin previously had an encounter with Sanji?s crew.

One Piece Chapter 831 also sees the close knit Straw Hat Pirates realizing they are surrounded by Big Mom?s crew and are outnumbered in a very dangerous way. However, realizing their predicament, Luffy still manages to ask whether they see Sanji among the enemies. Pedro knows instantly that they are trapped and while Brook instantly acknowledges the surge of the enemies, they are not about to give up.

In a translated script on the DesignNTrend website it says:


Pedro: “It was a trap.”


Brook: “A great number of enemies are there!”


Luffy: “Is Sanji there!? Where is Sanji?!”


Baron Tamago: “That’s an unnecessary question. Quietly surrender or anger Big Mom.”


Meanwhile, One Piece 832 spoilers reveal how Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates may be trapped in the ?Seducing Woods?. According to Sportsrageous, this can also be the work of Big Mom in trying to stop Sanji?s crew in taking him and stopping the forced wedding. Also, Brook and Pedro?s lives are in danger, at least now that their purpose to come to the Cake Island is to save Sanji.


The arrival of Chopper will also bring confusion as it was unable to detect Sanji?s exact identity during the battle. Something that is very unusual for a character whose main purpose is to identify people through their smell specifically.


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