One Piece 830 Predictions: Pedro Slips His Tongue; Big Mom?s Dark Power To Take Life?

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One Piece 830 has continued to build up the hype. Fans are hoping that Pedro will finally slip ?and reveal the truth. It is also suspected that Pudding has a personal agenda while helping Luffy and company rescue Sanji. But what is more interesting is Big Mom?s hidden power. She is believed to have the dark power to take someone?s life.

In One Piece 829, Pedro finally confessed that he had been to Whole Cake Island before. Pedro is set to say more, just as fans anticipated, but an interruption cuts off the conversation. A giant centipede shows up in front of Thousand Sunny as they had rerouted on their way to Jam island to avoid the underwater surveillance team. This was yet another cliffhanger.

This scene generates speculation that Pedro has some secrets. Hints are slowly planted from one chapter to the other of the manga series. Remember one of the guards recognized him when they first arrived in Totland? Fans are hoping to see more revelations from Pedro, if not in One Piece 830 then in the succeeding chapters.

Another thing that might possibly happen in One Piece 830 is the revelation of Pudding?s real motives for helping Luffy and the rest of Sanji?s rescue team. She gave them the map on how to safely get to Jam Island. Do you think she wants to hand Luffy and company to Big Mom?

Big Mom?s eating disorder and ?dark? power have hyped up fans. Avid readers of Eiichiro Oda?s bestselling manga were caught by surprise when they learned in One Piece 829 Big Mom?s uncontrollable tantrums and rage. Who would have thought that because of food (Croquembouche), she would kill her 16th son, Charlotte Muscat. Also, the people who had witnessed the entire situation were scared to death. They were also talking about Big Mom?s ability to shorten lifespans.

On the ?Orojackson discussion board, fans want Eiichiro Oda to explain what he meant by Big Mom?s ability to shorten lifespans. Does it mean it will increase her power or just increase her own lifespan? Perhaps, everyone will get the answer when One Piece 830 is released next week.

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