One Piece 829 Spoilers: Purin Does Not Want To Marry Sanjin Too?

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Wedding bells are ringing and Sanjin has yet to find a way to escape the ceremony in One Piece 829. Will Sanjin be able to back out of the wedding ceremony while being guarded by Big Mom and her cronies? Well, the hopes are not yet dying. Here?s why:

According to a report of Movie News Guide, the forthcoming chapter of the hit manga series will still be focusing on the matrimony of Sanjin and Purin, the daughter of Big Mom. This, despite Sanjin expressing that he doesn?t like to tie the knot with Purin. Afterall, he was just abducted to marry someone he does not like.

Luckily, as we have previously reported, Straw Hat pirates are set to arrive on the island of Big Mom in an attempt to save Sanjin. However,, it won?t be that easy for them so they have to pretend as guests of the wedding ceremony. The group is expected to be at the wedding rites acting as Sanjin?s cousins. It is feared that the Straw Hats people might be recognized by Big Mom?s guards and the plans of helping Sanjin will not materialize.

Should the pirates successfully crash into the wedding venue, the marriage of Sanjin and Purin will not be happening anymore. Aside from the Straw Hats, also joining the team are Luffy, Germa 66 and even Vinsmokes. Rumor has it that these people will all be helping each other to save Sanjin from the wedding rites.

As mentioned earlier, Straw Hat pirates along with Luffy will be attending the ceremony as part of Sanjin?s family. They will pretend as cousins of the groom, who will allow the guards to let them in.

So it is expected that One Piece 829 will be showcasing the big plan set by Luffy and the pirates against the people of Big Mom. It must be noted that partnering with Germa 66 and Vinsmokes will give the protagonists an equal footing once they battle with Big Mom.

It should be remembered that in the last chapter, Purin did not put the Straw Hats in trouble when she met them even though she knows who they are. She was able to recognize the pirates as Sanjin?s friends. The big question now is, why did she allow the group to stay on the Cake island? We will know in the forthcoming chapter.

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