One Piece Chapter 821 Spoilers: Why The Island Earthquake – Did Somebody Get Hurt?

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One Piece Chapter 821 is on hiatus next week. So fans have to wait until March 31 to learn about what is in store for our characters, after that cliffhanger ending in the previous chapter. We?re all curious to find out why the island is quaking so violently, and whose voice did Luffy hear?

One Piece chapter 820 ended in another cliffhanger. People were on a feast before the crew would embark on an expedition to find and save Sanji when a sudden tremor was felt by everyone. Then Luffy heard a mysterious voice.

Design N Trend says that the terrible earthquake must have been caused by Jack. It was recalled in the previous chapter that ?Jack reached Zou. After talking about the previous battle that occurred there, Jack decided to destroy Zunisha on his own.?

There is also interesting theory why there was a sudden strong tremor in the island. Manga York thinks that the earthquake is the result of the blast that Jack did on Zunisha. If that is the case, one can only assume that the humongous elephant got wounded, wailing and flailing around in pain. Fans would soon find out what really happened when One Piece 820 is released, most likely on the last day of March.

On a different note, fans are happy reading One Piece 820. While it is true that the title is not only interesting but also funny, many avid followers say that they?re hyped up with the latest chapter. ?Dog and Cat Have History? is not just an attention-grabbing title made by Eiichiro Oda, but something that stimulated readers as well.

In Orojackson Discussion board, one observant registered user named Started From D. Bottom said that ?One of the things that caught my attention is Momonosuke remembering Roger, maybe It was just a joke but knowing Oda it could be something bigger.? Do you think this man is correct?

What do you think will happen in the next chapter of One Piece 821? Share your predictions in the comment box below.

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