One Piece 819: Zoro’s Full Power Gets Real Tested? Is He Not Fighting Big Mama’s Crew?

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Recent spoilers of One Piece 819 that circle online are about Zoro?s real test of his full power. So while everyone is anticipating of finding the final Poneglyph?s location, it seems a sword fight is about to happen in the next chapter of Eiichiro Oda?s manga series, but not with Big Mam?s crew.

Design N Trend reports that a new spoiler about the upcoming chapter of One Piece has leaked. According to the report, ?Strawhat crew was preparing to go rescue Sanji, but were then told that Jack was returning to the Island.? Zoro learns about this news, so he would obviously want to go with the hope to take on Jack.

If the spoilers are true, Zoro?s reaction is definitely bold. Who would like to take on the ruthless, extremely sadistic and violent impulsive Captain of the mammoth? Should the spoilers be true also, then One Piece 819 is another exciting chapter.

How are the fans of One Piece reacting on Reddit? In the newly opened thread for One Piece 819, you would obviously find different opinions and predictions. Many are hoping that the plot would pick up this time. It appears that not all are satisfied with the previous chapter.

A registered Reddit user named ienjoifood said that this will be a real test for Zoro as he would fight the shogun. This hypes up the fans because they would be witnessing a sword fight soon. It is noted that it has been awhile since the One Piece manga has progressed. It the pacing has been slow, and it is time to give the action that fans have been longing to see. For example tobbe1337, he wants to see Zoro fighting all out against Jack the Drought.

On the other hand, an interesting observation has been pointed out. That if Zoro is out to take Jack, then he would not be present when ?strawhats will likely take on Big Mam’s crew.? The Straw Hat pirates are determined to get from Big Mam?s hand the poneglyph. But which one should come out first in One Piece 819?

What do you think will happen in One Piece 819? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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