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One Piece 819 Spoiler: Location of the Last Poneglyph Revealed?

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One Piece 819 will be released in five days and there are rumors already about the whereabouts of the last poneglyph. What are the chances it will be revealed in the upcoming chapter?

First of all, what is the poneglyph?s role in the world of pirates? According to a previous report, the mysterious stone blocks will give details about Raftel, the final destination in the New World, and how to get there. However, all four stone blocks should be gathered first to acquire the information.

In the recent chapters of the anime series, it can be remembered that there are already three poneglyphs found in the pirate?s world. One belongs to our main protagonists, Luffy and Strawhats, another in the hands of Big Mam, and the third one is with Kaido. So, for our heroes to gather all four of the stones, they need to do two things. First, defeat Big Mam and Kaido, which is obviously a very hard task to do. Second, find the last one, but as of now, its location is unknown.

Although the last poneglyph?s whereabouts is still unknown, clues where to find it is believed to be revealed in the past chapters. According to Ecumenical News, Doflamingo, during his fight with Luffy and Law, has mentioned something about a secret in Mariejois. That secret is predicted by the fans to be the location of the fourth poneglyph.

Furthermore, the outlet also explained the side stories that may happen if the Strawhats would really go to the land. If the poneglyph is really on that island, Luffy and his crew will also have the chance of saving the slaves from the admirals and gather additional information about Gonosei. However, it would also be a difficult mission for the protagonists so the fans are expecting another interesting team up–Straw Hat and Dragon and the Revolutionary Army.

Another speculation fans thought of for One Piece 819 is that Momonosuke?s father would be revealed, and it is believed to be Rogers Nakama. If not, the upcoming chapter is still expected to cover more of the character?s story.

It is not yet confirmed whether these predictions are true or not because all mentioned ideas are just fan-based speculations. One Piece 819 is set to be released on Monday, March 14, and will be published on Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan and the rest of English-speaking countries.

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