One Piece 806 Spoilers: Captain Jack Clues Revealed, Other Powerful Creatures To Face And More!

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For fans of one of the most popular manga ever, here?s some great news: The next chapter of One Piece is fast approaching, and we?ve got some juicy details. Chapter 806 is almost arriving and we can?t wait to see what happens to Luffy and the Strawhats. For the next escapade of One Piece, we might see Captain Jack and the power of devil fruit taking on the Strawhats, so fans better brace for another exciting adventure.

Captain Jack

In Chapter 805, we learned that Captain Jack was the culprit who eradicated the country of Zou. We had also previously seen him rescuing Doflamingo from the clutches of the marines. It?s not yet clear if the Strawhats will be Zou simultaneously with Captain Jack, but one thing for sure is that Luffy and his crew better prepare as he might be another big threat in the upcoming chapters, according to Design & Trend.

Zoan-type?devil fruit

Although it?s still not sure, we saw last time some tiny clues from Captain Jack on the identity of his devil fruit. Some elephant footprints were seen on the island and when he was first seen, Captain Jack was on board a ship ?with an elephant?s head as a crest,? shared by Design & Trend. So it?s very likely that he will have some sort of a zoan-type devil fruit, which is one of three devil type fruits that can allow someone to transform into another type of species (like an elephant).

So the real uncertainty here is how strong is Captain Jack? And how will he be able to rescue Doflamingo from marine captivity with Admiral Fujitora, former Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Vice-Admiral Tsuru as his enemies?

Luffy and the Strawhat crew are in for another big mess. The fact that Doflamingo is trying to escape means that we might see another Doflamingo battling the Strawhats. Will Doflamingo return to the seas? And will Luffy be strong enough to face Doflamingo alone? Catch chapter 806 when it releases Thursday morning.

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