One Piece 765 Spoilers: Luffy To Follow Sanji and Face Big Mom?

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One Piece recently released its new chapter and readers finally understood why Sanji disappeared in the previous installment. Now that the Straw Hats are free, it seems like Luffy will finally go to Big Mom?s island and settle their dispute once and for all.

In the latest episode of the manga series, Sanji made an effort to save his friends from the inside of Bege Capone?s body. Obviously, he never expected to see his crewmates in that situation, so he made some decisions to set them free.

Sanji was able to help his friends escape but decided to stay behind. The Straw Hat cook stayed behind for he is hoping that Bege will take him back to Big Mom?s island where he could defeat the villain finally. On the other hand, Luffy and the others are safe with the Minks outside Bege?s body.

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Now, Luffy also expressed his urge to follow Sanji in the land of Big Mom in One Piece 764. He wants to confront his cook because of the disagreements taking place within crew members. According to Brook, Sanji does not have the intention of returning to them because it is the Vinsmoke?s reputation, turning their backs on comrades. But Luffy just does not buy it.

As a result, there are speculations that Luffy will be able to reach Big Mom?s island. There, he would have the chance to talk to Sanji where the cook will tell his captain about his plans. After the conversation, the two will go to Big Mom?s place where they would have the greatest battle in the manga series.

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Meanwhile, there are several rumors stating that the series? storyline will have a twist. It is said to feature a story arc where Luffy and Sanji become enemies, forming their own pirate squads to go up against each other. On a good note, these are just fan-based speculations and did not actually come from the creator of the series.

How about you? Do you think Sanji will finally tell Luffy his plans in the next installment of One Piece? Or, will he continue to keep it as a secret which will lead to a dispute between the two Straw Hats? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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