One Piece: 5 Totally Wearable Pieces From Straw Hat Pirates Outfits

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One Piece Luffy

While One Piece is definitely one of the best anime/manga today, we just totally can?t ignore how eclectic the fashion is in their world. Every character?s style is really unique and they don?t just wear one outfit all the time.

In a Reddit thread, fans just can?t help but point out how amazing the characters? outfits are and how they all vary according to the setting, the story arc, and the season. They could be clad in adventure gear, suits, or tropical attire, as one fan pointed out, and it makes the story and characters even more interesting. Imagine all the details the writers and artists have put together to create these characters to express their personality further and make them stand out.

Many fans even wished that they could wear these outfits in real life so we?ve put together some of the most wearable pieces from the One Piece universe?s Straw Hat Pirates (Outfits based on the anime).


One Piece Luffy

LUFFY Credits: One Piece Wikia

Straw Hat ? The straw hat is Luffy?s trademark piece and it looks very wearable for both girls and guys. It?s perfect while taking a walk around on a spring or summer day or when you?re at the beach. The hat?s rim looks wide enough that you don?t need an umbrella for shade.

Red polo ? Luffy usually wears a red top, either a polo or vest. The polo looks to be more wearable especially for women which can be a great cover up for work or even on date night.


One Piece Nami

NAMI Credits: One Piece Wikia

Bikini top ? Nami?s outfits frequently change and sometimes she doesn?t have much on top but a bikini, and yes, it may not be wearable on normal days but it?s perfect for the beach. She dons a lot of prints and what more do girls want than a variety of prints to wear to the beach or even when just going for a dip on the pool? Now? how do we figure out Nami?s secret for that bodacious bod?

Nico Robin

One Piece Nico Robin

NICO ROBIN Credits: One Piece Wikia

Wrap-around skirt ? Nico Robin dresses in different outfits which are often revealing and she usually wears a cowgirl suit. But one particular outfit of hers just stands out from the rest because of the pink wrap-around skirt with a flower print and tassels. It?s perfect for the beach as cover up or even when you just want a laid-back look with some boho vibes going on. Just pair it with a plain tank top and layer on some accessories and you?re good to go! Luffy?s straw hat could even be a great addition to complement the look.


One Piece Usopp

USOPP Credits: One Piece Wikia

Overalls ? Before the timeskip, Usopp usually wears his brown overalls which is perfect for both girls and guys for that fun and rugged look. You can wear it with a plain shirt or striped shirt/sweater underneath for guys, and a tank top, and cropped or tube top for girls for that tough chic vibe. Finish off the look with a pair of combat boots with the cuffs folded.

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