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Capcom released three arcade update documents this week with more information on their latest Street Fighter, but it proved difficult to open for some because it required a Japanese language update. The first update features Ryu and Ken and introduces Crimson Viper. The second update features all eight of the original fighters from SF2. The third update features Abel. Very little information has been provided regarding the two new boxers. One more screenshot of Abel featuring his special move has been posted below as well as the only screenshot of Crimson Viper that is available.

From the first SFIV arcade update from Japan (02/11/08):

C. VIPER (Crimson Viper)
“Nothing has been revealed about this mysterious female fighter. Her sunglasses, leather gloves, and form-fitting suit give little clue as to the type of moves she will dish out. What circumstances will cause her path to cross those of Ryu, Ken, and other warriors? And how will the battles play out?”

From the third SFIV arcade update from Japan (02/14/08):

“A Man With No Past
“With no memory of his past, this young man has no choice but to move forward, using any clue he can get his hands on to rout out what may be left of Shadaloo. His fighting style represents a mix of multiple martial arts. Though he appears gruff and unfriendly on the surface, he is not the misanthrope he seems to be. His serious and polite nature is easy to misinterpret as indifference, but these still waters run deep indeed.”

“Abel’s integrated martial arts technique holds many secrets. What exactly does he have up his sleeve?”

As mentioned in yesterday’s update here at The Bitbag, he will probably be a Savate fighter. The arcade update mentions he is a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. Some well-known MMA “savateurs” are Gerard Gordeau (UFC) and Francois Pennacchio who became famous after beating Ramon Dekkers, a muay thai boxer, in a world kickboxing championship in 1996.

Below is an additional picture of Abel featuring his special move, the “jumping axe kick,” which Capcom is hinting will be his “Fierce” kick. Also take a look at a screenshot of Crimson Viper defending against Chun Li’s Kikouken.

Abel jumping axe kick Crimson Viper and Chun Li

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