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One Game That Might Shift The Tide for Nintendo’s Wii U

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Wii U Dying?
Wii U Dying?

Nintendo finally released their annual financial report last week and from the figures we can find, it is pretty safe to say that there are some HUGE changes being made in the company. Iwata, for one, didn?t forecast an overly massive amount of sales to be generated by the Wii U (for the Wii U?s case only, since the item is really a bad seller to boot with.)

“In order to recreate momentum and sell 5 million or 10 million units of hardware annually, there are indeed challenges that we must overcome,”

This does not mean, however, the Iwata himself, already lost faith in their current generation console. Although the Wii U has been a huge burden for Nintendo recently, he said that they will still continue supporting the game as a single game might just provide the break, the Wii U badly needs right now.

To support this claim, Iwata mentioned in a brief Q&A session, something about the Game Boy?s success.

?Before the release of the Pokemon game, Game Boy had been showing slow growth, and many people wondered whether it was the end of Game Boy.?

So this practically means that the Wii U hasn?t really reached its peak yet. Some may find this as a valid excuse, given the fact about Game Boy?s history. The most logical way for Nintendo?s Wii U to rise to the top, is to have a proper Pokemon game on the console itself. Perhaps the much demanded open-world, full HD Pokemon experience on your T.V?s big screen might be one of the last saving graces of the Wii U.

Aside from this, Nintendo is also going to venture into the ?toy-to-life? business, a trend that Skylanders and Disney Infinity follows. With a ?strong? cast of iconic characters, it?s hard to imagine that if Nintendo pulls this one off for the Wii U, it?ll be a sure hit.

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