[Viral] One Finger Selfie Challenge: Another Social Media Trend to Body Shame Women

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One Finger Selfie Challenge

Just months after the whole world has done the mannequin challenge, a new viral trend has started all because of an anime illustration. The one finger selfie challenge is slowly gaining traction. But is it really for body confidence or just another excuse to post naked photos online?

One Finger Challenge

Here?s how it?s done. First, throw away your shame and take off your clothes. Stand in front of the mirror with your camera phone turned on. Then, using only your right index finger, strategically place it to cover and protect your private parts and your modesty. Then take a photo using your left hand.

Here?s how it looks:

You can watch the one finger selfie tutorial video below by YouTuber Aimee Davidson.

The concept was born from the illustration of a Japanese anime artist, Sky-FreeDom. The illustration shows a naked girl. Using just one finger reflected in a mirror, she was able to cover both her breasts and private parts.

The Issue

They say it?s all for the ?name of art?, for ?body confidence?, and getting themselves ?immortalized in their natural birthday suits?. Is it really?

Most people say it?s just like getting a nude painting done minus the paying the price of hiring an artist. It?s cheaper and less time consuming for social media patrons. But TeenVogue warns its followers that even if it?s about body confidence, this sort of trend encourages body shaming as well.

Take for example the mermaid thighs, thigh gaps and Kylie Jenner lips – these challenges rely on a certain body type, which surely not everyone has.

2016 has become a bizarre year and a year for viral challenges. Only one month to go so hopefully the human race goes back to normal.

We?d like to know how you feel about this one finger selfie challenge. Post your comments below.

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