One Direction Solo Album Covers A Treat To Fans: Remembrance Before They Disband?

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One Direction gives fans more reasons to look forward to their ?Made in the A.M.? album.

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan each look incredibly gorgeous on their solo shots in black-in-white for the album?s individual covers, making the fifth studio album from the British pop group a true collector?s item.

This follows their newly released music video for ?Perfect?, which was also shot in black-and-white.

Earlier this year, the foursome announced that they will be taking at least a year off starting in March of next year to pursue their own projects according to PEOPLE. This means there will be no tour for ?Made in the A.M.?, which is slated for release on November 13, but the boys will be promoting their latest album until February.

Harry Styles appeared on BBC2’s?The Chris Evans Breakfast Show?and shared a few of his thoughts on their impending hiatus. “I dunno yet. I think, obviously, we’ve got the tour to finish, then we’ve got the album coming out. And I think we’ve all been so focused on that, we haven’t really thought that much further ahead so far,” he said. “But we’re very excited to have the album come out. It’s the one we definitely feel most proud of. We think it’s the one that we’ve made that is our best one.”

“And obviously you want to say that every time you bring a new one out but genuinely, we think that we just made it in a different way and it feels like the best one that we’ve made as a group. I don’t know entirely…the details, but we’re still having a lot of fun and there’s a lot of things to look forward to. We’re happy with everything right now,” he added.

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