One Direction Members Jealous Of Liam Payne, Cheryl Romance?

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One Direction singer Liam Payne, 22, appears to be having a brewing romance with X Factor judge, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, 32, and his other bandmates don?t seem to look very happy about it.

Mirror quotes from a source, ?It?s not gone unnoticed that all of 1D liked Cheryl. Liam thinks it?s amazing he?s the one who actually got to be with her.?

The singer?s former bandmates were the ones who have expressed their feeling for the star in the past. Niall Horan when asked about her ideal woman responded, ?Cheryl! You always have to flirt with Cheryl when you see her.? While Harry Styles added, ?She?s an incredible woman. Cheryl can take credit [for One Direction] because she?s hot. She?s just a flirt.?

Even Louis Tomlinson even admitted in the past how the star made him a bit nervous when she?s around, he said, ?Being in her presence was intimidating, because she?s so hot.?

And with Liam now dating the hottie, it is said that he is even delighted at making the others jealous. The two have been teasing their relationship by posting photos on Instagram. Liam had posted a cosy black-and-white photo of them over the weekend.

However, the singer deleted the sweet snap on Tuesday and posted a moody selfie instead. The deletion of the photo sparked a lot of speculations that the pair had already split, according to Daily Mail.

While Inquisitr reports that this alleged romance might be another PR stunt from the boyband. The site noted that the singer?s latest romance had all the ?hallmarks? of a 1D PR stunt. Back in November, Payne?s ?heartbreak? over his breakup with Sophia Smith was widely reported. But days later, he already has another woman in his arms.

The report continues, while everyone is saying that the singer is dating the 32-year old star to make his other bandmates jealous, a PR stunt could just be in the works. The source of this statement came from no other than Cheryl?s husband, Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, who is upset at his wife?s insensitivity at her posting photos with the young singer on the day of the death anniversary of his father. He told friends that the timing ?really hurts? especially that her romance with Liam was actually just a ?stunt.?

It appears that Jean-Bernard still had hopes of saving his 18-month marriage with Cheryl, but after this ?stunt? he may have no chances left. In addition, some of his friends also believe that the X Factor judge could possibly be using the young singer to ultimately boost her career.

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