One Direction Members Fight During Concert? Group To Disband As Soon As Possible?

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Well, One Direction fans were not expecting to witness a fight between Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne when they went to see the band?s performance in Manchester on Sunday. But to everyone?s surprise, these two boys had a tiff in public view.

In the short clip, Liam, 22, and Louis, 23, are seen having what looks to be a heated row on stage while they perform What Makes You Beautiful with bandmates Niall Horan and Harry Styles reports?Daily Mail UK.

A representative for the band teven said that, ?What a load of rubbish, they are obviously just messing about on stage. It?s banter. Anyone that has seen the band perform will know this.?

However, to clarify what happened, Liam took to Twitter to express his shock that anyone would think the exchange was anything more than friendly banter.

He wrote, ‘Oh my god thats so outrageous how dare i have a joke with a friend on stage.’


According to Unreality TV, audience members who turned up to see the group perform claim that Louis flitted on and off the stage a lot, leaving his bandmates to cover his absence by entertaining the crowd and chatting during the breaks.

While Harry Styles and Niall Horan performed their first single What Makes You Beautiful, Liam?s temper seemed to reach breaking point and one Directioner videoed the boys fighting in the middle of the song.

Onlookers say Louis laughed as he intentionally stood in front of Payne, and that the latter reacted ?aggressively? to the antics.

As One Direction approaches its 2016 hiatus, some will continue speculating about souring relationships. Payne and the rest of 1D are ready to proclaim that nobody can drag them down, it seems says Billboard.

Well, we guess only time will tell if it was a staged fight or a real one. Let?s wait and watch.

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