One Direction Louis Tomlinson Wedding Soon: Zayn Malik Will Be Invited?

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Louis Tomlinson and Danielle Campbell tying the wedding knot? A rumor says ?yes?. One Direction fans are also happy for their beloved singer Louis.

Louis is serious about his relationship with Danielle Campbell. ?Louis wants to prove to Danielle that he?s serious. They want to get married on his estate in a small ceremony. They want to tie the knot soon and have a huge wedding celebration later, once all the child custody issues are solidified,? the source said, according to Life & Style.

Its also reported that Louis wants to be a great father to his son Freddie. So, he will be in touch with his ?with ex-girlfriend and baby mama Briana Jungwirth. Danielle Campbell is truly in love with Tomlinson.

?She?s awesome with Freddie and has been a rock for Louis through everything,? the insider said.

Why did Tomlinson think of marriage? According to Unreality, Danielle is totally upset over Tomlinson?s behavior. He flirts with other girls which makes Danielle sad and she has told him to stop such things. Louis loves her a lot. But flirting with other women has become a habit for him.

?Louis knows he should resist flirting, but he?s been so used to having his pick of women. He?s happy with Dan, but can?t help flirting with other girls, especially when other parts of his life are so stressful,? an insider said. ?When Louis is stressed out, sometimes all he wants to do is go out with his friends and chat to girls,? the source added.

It’s also revealed by the insider that Danielle is criticized by Tomlinson?s fans on social media. Some fans really do not value her relationship with Tomlinson. Of course! Danielle can not watch each and every moment of Tomlinson?s fans. But she can ask Louis Tomlinson to keep a healthy distance from his ladies fans. Marrying Louis may kill the emotional security. Louis Tomlinson recently became a father. One Direction?s ex-member Zayn Malik congratulated Tomlinson and also like baby Freddie?s pics on Twitter. His greetings was a shock for One Direction fans.

Will Tomlinson invite Zayn Malik for his wedding? If he invites Zayn what will be the response from his other band mates?

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