One Direction Album ‘Made In The A.M.’ Leaked Online, Fans Disappointed, Here’s Why!

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One Direction?s ?Made in the A.M.? album is just days away from its release and fans are in an uproar over a couple of songs that were leaked online.

A few lucky Directioners were given the chance to hear the album ahead of everyone else at special fan listening events across 10 theaters in the US.

The boys recorded introductions for each song and tracks “Never Enough” and “Love You Goodbye” leaked online, snippets of which were posted on Twitter according to Mirror UK.

MTV was at one of the parties and did a detailed story of what happened.

?It?s no secret that this is an important, possibly career-defining album for One Direction. It?s their first since Zayn Malik?left the band?in March, and it?s their last before their?impending hiatus?(which they?ve relentlessly promised is NOT a breakup). The anticipation was sky-high and the mood was shrouded with uncertainty, but the second the ?What Makes You Beautiful? music video appeared in front of our eyes, that nervous energy was immediately annihilated. It was time to dance,? wrote MTV?s Madeline Roth.

Niall Horan did the intro for ?Never Enough? and said that this is his favorite song on the album. ?We were dancing around like crazy. I don?t even know why I love it, everything is just spot-on for me,? he said.

?Love You Goodbye? was written by Louis Tomlinson and is about ?everyone has that moment after a breakup when you have to see your ex again.??Tomlinson broke up with long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder earlier this year before news broke out about him impreganating stylist Briana Jungwirth.

Fans expressed their dismay and suggested other things that could?ve leaked instead by using the hashtag ?#ThingsToLeakInsteadOfTheAlbum?:

This 1D fan sums it up though:

Are you anticipating One Direction?s album as well? Share?your thoughts in the comments below!

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