One Direction 2016 Album Confirmed? Niall Horan Says ‘We?ll Be Back’

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One Direction 2016 Album
One Direction 2016 Album

Many fans were fearing the worst earlier this year with speculations of the end of One Direction. However, their extended hiatus has now finally brought out some plausible good news. From fears of the end, now fans are getting hyped up for a new album!

The Return

Apparently the hiatus has given the guys the well-deserved rest they?ve needed. The hiatus had given them all the time to work on themselves.

Nial Horran has released his own single. Harry went on to record his own solo album and even tried his hand in acting. Liam Payne also pursued his own brand of music but took another step into manhood by becoming a dad.

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With so much solo acts being done by each member, it?s understandable why the fans feared that the guys are slowly parting from one another. Plus, it?s not far fetched since it?s already happened before with Zayn Malik.

However, everyone?s fears have finally been put to rest when Nial Horan had confirmed that One Direction will definitely make a return. Although Nial didn?t give any hints just when the grand reunion will take place.

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But fans have already taken a positive tune with Nial?s words and are being optimistic. Many are even speculating that they?ll make a return with a brand new album or at least it?s first single just before 2016 ends. But with so much going on in each member?s lives at the moment, odds are they?ll be making their return some time in 2017.

But hey, we never know. They may just indulge their fans just before the year ends. Either way, at least everyone can stay optimistic that One Direction will return sooner or later. Till then, stay tuned in to The Bitbag?for the latest One Direction news and updates.

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