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Sega Dreamcast : Ancient Gaming Console That is Still Alive Up to Now

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There are lots of ?Retro? game consoles out there that get their proper retro treatment. All but one console. Sega?s Dreamcast never gets any of these treatments. You might ask, why not? It?s an old console and it is much older than that of PlayStation 2 which already ceased its production. The Dreamcast is not a retro console for one big reason. It is still alive and kicking up until now.

The production line of Dreamcast stopped during 2001 but unlike what happened with PlayStation 2, titles kept being developed for it, for the 15-year span it already has. The console?s community still supports it with such passion that it was kept alive even after 2 generations have passed.

Pier Solar HD and Redux: Dark Matters are some recently released games. Both funded through Kickstarter campaigns.

When Dreamcast came out, it seemed like it was the console that was going to change everything about gaming. It was the first 128-bit console, which boasts built-in online capabilities. It was the home for Sonic Adventure, Power Stone and popular trend setting titles like Soul Calibur and Marvel vs. Capcom. It managed to produce 500,000 unit sales in two weeks, which led to hardware shortages. It was the best thing there is of its time.

Then came PlayStation 2 just 6 months after Dreamcast was released. There was no way that ?Dreamcast can compete with Sony?s brand. PlayStation 2 produced 150 million unit sales while Dreamcast only managed to squeeze in 8 million with its relatively short lifetime.

It only lasted for almost three years as 2001, Sega officially bailed out of the console business. Luckily enough for owners of the unit, titles kept getting released for the Dreamcast albeit most of these are unofficial ones.

2013 was clearly a good year for Dreamcast as there were 15 titles that have been released for it and 7 additional titles to be released later. While most of the titles are ?shoot em up?, there also are some good HD remakes of Sega Genesis classic games. This will surely appeal to old-time gamers who appreciated scanlines and button mashing back in their time.

There is no official word from Sega, however, despite the undying popularity of their old console. Regardless of whether Sega will support the hardware, it is clear that the support from Dreamcast fans is there, and it is enough to keep the flame of the old-time console burning bright.

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