OMsignal to open preorders for their smart shirts

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OMsignal, the Montreal based company that makes apparel that continuously tracks your biometrics, to help keep you fitter and healthier, is debuting its smart wear clothing embedded sensor tech. The company is now ready to start accepting preorders from its customers. The first product, named the OM shirt, has four new models going for preorder starting today which includes an undershirt, t-shirt, sleeveless shirt and long sleeved shirt for men.

These shirts are designed to track your heart rate, breathing volume, breathing rate, steps taken, heart rate information, as well as calories burned / ?movement intensity. It tracks a whole lot of information compared to the standard wristband or similar type wearable. They also look like regular shirts without any of those bulky sensors that wear you down or can be awkward to use. Powering the shirt is a small module that simply clips into the shirt to provide power which usually lasts up to two to three days of normal use. It communicates wirelessly via the OMsignal app for your smartphone. The module is not much larger than your usual health tracker and the same unit can be used with multiple OMsignal shirts.

This clothing line is designed to appeal to a variety of uses from “worn under clothing” for regular everyday activities, to dedicated sportswear. The shirts are made to offer more types of information, especially for athletes, some of which include heart rate zone tracking for training and some proprietary measures which include OM Fuel which lets you know how much energy you have remaining before you tire out. All of these data is tracked and made visual in the OMsignal app for long term monitoring.

The OMsignal men?s shirts will start shipping this summer and will be available in different packages which include the little black box and shirts which start at $199. Each additional shirt retails on its own between $100 and $140. Those prices are fairly expensive, even for people who have expensive taste in high performance gear, but there is some unique functionality for the shirts so it makes sense that it would cost quite a bit right now.

Wearables are starting to hit the mainstream right now and as they continue to innovate and improve, prices for technologies like these should also start to normalize a little bit more.

Photo Source: OM signal official website

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