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Omnislashed: A look at Juggernaut from Dota 2

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From a bright-red demon to a masked hurricane, we have come to love the Omnislashing hero from Dota. He looked bad-ass from the Warcraft sprites and he looks twice as good in the sequel. TheBitBag has taken quite a fancy to him and we?re here to give you a few more ways to appreciate what he brings to the table.

The look


It's like he really wants to hurt you. Stylishly.

It’s like he really wants to hurt you. Stylishly.

The elements that make up his aesthetic are easy to appreciate; muscular build, deep voice, mysterious mask, and of course, a glowing sword. He?s your classic bad-ass swordsman. We don?t even mind the orange skin. The inhuman touch sort of validates the awesome things he does in the game.


The skills

As we like to call it, the electric fan

Blade Fury ? Almost every player maxes this one out first. Swing your sword like a maniac and hope you kill something. Most guides advise only to invest skill points here along with stat bonuses to give you more mana during the early stages of a game.

care package delivered

Healing Ward ? Nothing pisses off a chaser more than when your agile little buddy accompanies their prey while they run for their lives. It?s like a military-designed care package you send into a militarized zone. It?s fast and heals a bucketload.

35% to do double damage is enough to scare any support away

Blade Dance ? This is what carries a player into late-game mode. Although it doesn?t match as well to what other heroes have in terms of critical strike, it certainly is another reason to keep hitting even though you?re done with your final skill.

We always grow an extra pair of balls when this cools down

Omnislash ? This is what makes Juggernaut’s bread and butter. This is what makes you a threat in the jungle. Besides Mortred?s critical strike, this is the only other skill that can take out one hero with one casting. Just make sure there aren?t any creeps to take some of those hits you throw out.



Juggernaut?s skill set allows you to play aggressively early-game. Try to look for disablers and stunners to partner up with to start some serious spinning. Once you get your omnislash, feel free to roam the jungles to get easy kills. Since you?re a carry, leveling is very important. When you reach mid and late games, try to avoid depending on your blade fury as it will no longer deal as much damage as your normal attacks. Most players use blade fury as a portal scroll guard (spinning while channeling a portal scroll).

As for items, a Battle Fury is a popular choice as it has great farming use as well as mana and health regeneration. The necessity of an Aghanim?s scepter depends on the line-up you?re against. You wouldn?t want to use a powered omnislash on a Brood Mother surrounded by her offspring or a Pugna who just Decrepified himself because he decrapified his pants now would you?

Can’t touch this

You want your omnislash to hit as many enemy heroes as possible to tip clashes to your side. Be careful of heroes that carry a ghost scepter or euls scepter or a shadow blade. They can cancel your ulitimate.

Juggernaut is a click and watch hero overall. This makes him a good choice for beginners who want to see minimum effort and micromanagement go a long way. We strongly advise learning to count quickly so you don?t lose track of your 12 slashes before you become vulnerable.


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