Olympics 2024: 3 Reasons Why Los Angeles is set to Host the Summer Games?

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Olympics 2024 LA
Olympics 2024 LA

It?s been only a day since the conclusion of the 2016 Rio Olympics but the race is already on between Los Angeles, Paris, Rome and Budapest for hosting the 2024 Olympics.?Host cities have already been selected for the next three Summer and Winter Games including the 2020 Olympics which are to be hosted in Tokyo.

2024 olympics

2024 olympics

The winner among the four cities will be named at the International Olympic Committee?s September 2017 conference in Lima, Peru. While Paris is considered as favorite to win followed by Los Angeles, and Rome and lastly by Budapest, but there is still a high chance that United States might host the next Summer Games.

Here?s the reasons why Los Angeles makes a perfect choice for Olympics 2024:

Security concerns over Paris

Though the Olympics 2024 is still eight years from now, the IOC will consider the recent terrorist attacks in France as a cause of concern from security viewpoint. The Nice terrorist attacks and Saint-?tienne-du-Rouvray church attack along with the 2015 Paris attacks are certainly going to raise red flag regarding the security of players.

It is likely the Summer Games will instead be hosted by second most preferred city which in this case is Los Angeles.

Existing Infrastructure

Los Angeles would make a most viable choice for Olympics 2024 as the city has existing infrastructure to support the Games. The city has a edge for competitors since it would take advantage of existing structures as such L.A. Memorial Coliseum. They do need a temporary swimming venue to host the Games but other than that almost every other Olympic venue exists.

The Irish Times reported that the Angelenos are making low cost (around $4.6 billion) and sustainability the cornerstones of their bid as does their marketing slogan, ?LA 2024 is about what we have, not what we?re going to build.?

Hollywood as Promotion

LA Mayor Eric Garcett who was part of the delegation of city?s 2024 bid committee cited the presence of Hollywood as a another reason for IOC to choose Los Angeles. He told NewsLA that the city?s ties to the entertainment industry will certainly help IOC to reach the younger audience who will carry on the Olympic tradition.

?Our entertainment and technology companies speak to young people every day on their own terms and by their own means,? he said. ?With L.A.?s ability to imagine and engage the world with new content and with new technologies, I believe L.A. is ideally suited to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games and inspire the next generation.?

In case L.A. wins the bid to host the Games, it would become only the second city in history to host them three times. Also it would mark it would mark the first time the US hosts the summer games since 28 years, when America hosted the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia.

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