Olympics 2016: How To Watch 2016 Rio Olympic Games? Android, iOS, Windows Phone, VR, TV Broadcast, Live Streaming Websites

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Rio Olympics 2016 Games
Rio Olympics 2016 Games: How To Watch The Games

The heavily anticipated ?Rio Olympics 2016 Games? commences this Friday, the 5th of August. There are multiple ways to watch the event live. Here, in this post, we?ll tell you how to make sure you don?t miss a minute of what?s happening in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, starting from the spectacular opening ceremony.

There was a time when people, especially sports fans, used to sit for hours right in front of TVs to watch the broadcast from Olympic grounds across the globe. However, now, technology helps in letting the people multitask while watching their favorite events.

As of today, you can watch Rio Olympics 2016 games on any device, be it on smartphones, tablets, laptops and even by using VR headsets. The game ends on August 21, of course, there is a grand closing ceremony to look forward to.

How to Watch the Rio Olympics 2016 Games?

1. Rio Olympics 2016 Games: TV Broadcast

If you like the traditional way and would like to stick to TV broadcasts to get the big screen vibe, the main TV broadcaster is NBC. Other than the opening and closing ceremonies, sports events and medal rounds, this network will also be covering beautiful, motivating stories about the capable men and women competing in the Olympics 2016.

Every four years, we get surprised by those cash-strapped countries we have never heard of — sending their sportsmen and women to the event — irrespective of the difficulties they face in their countries to win laurels and take glory back home. So, look for such powerful stories as well.

Apart from NBC,?The Wired says the Rio Olympics 2016 games will be covered by Bravo, MSNBC and USA Network as well. This is because NBC cannot handle the entire event all by itself. In any case, readers can?check out the complete sports schedule ahead of time so you don?t miss the live broadcast.

Rio Olympics 2016 Games

Rio Olympics 2016 Games

2. Rio Olympics 2016 Games: Mobile Apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone

In case, you would like to stream the events, so you can catch up on and off while working from home, you can download the NBC Sports app. ?It is available for Apple TV, Roku, Android TV and even Xbox.

Mobile-friendly apps are also?available for Android, Windows Phone and iOS platforms. To top it off, you can stream the Rio Olympics 2016 games from the official?NBC website. As it turns out, to stream the events live, you will need a ?cable network provider login.? Strange, but it?s apparently true.

3. Rio Olympics 2016 Games: The New Virtual Reality (VR) Experience

There is a ?first? for every new discovery and this time around, viewers across the globe can?make use of VR headsets to watch the Rio Olympics 2016 games. The experience is going to be one of a kind, as we know it. And, you never know, VR might become the new norm in the coming years.

All you need is a Samsung Gear VR headset. This device is compatible with the?Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy Note 5 and the brand new power-packed?Galaxy Note 7. Well, what can we say, Samsung is seemingly on a roll this year.

However, readers should note that events will be made available for VR only the day after the event goes live. This means you will already know the outcome of your favorite sport. Nevertheless, the VR experience is going to be priceless.

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