Olympics 2016 Track & Field Live Stream, Replay: Usain Bolt Promises To Break Records

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Jamaica?s Usain Bolt announced earlier this week that the Rio Olympics 2016 is going to be his last Olympic games. But before he leaves, the track and field athlete vows to break records in his events including his own 19.19 seconds record for 200m.

During a press conference on Friday, Bolt mentioned that he would retire from the Olympic stage. ?Yes, this is the last Olympic for sure, I have done everything, and have proven myself,? the sprinter confirmed. He is also certain that there are a lot of unhappy people with the decision, but Bolt has already made up his mind.

Although it was really a sad news, there are still a lot to expect from the athlete. It can be recalled that Bolt suffered from a hamstring injury, but contrary to some speculations, he is going to be out there and compete to the very end. Aside from that, he is also chasing one final goal – record a sub-19 200m.

?I really, really, really, want that one,? said the athlete, as posted by The Sydney Morning Herald. ?I?ve always wanted to run sub-19, so I?m really focused on that,? he added. Bolt, as mentioned, is currently holding the record on that category with 19.19 seconds, which he made during the 2009 World Championships in Berlin beating the former record of 19.32 secs by retired USA sprinter Michael Johnson.

Aside from beating his own record, it seems like Usain Bolt has another thing in mind for the Olympics 2016. ?I like to entertain, because that?s what people come out and see,? said the sprinter. So, for those who would like to be pleased, catch Bolt in his upcoming events, which is going to be live stream on

  • Saturday (August 13) – Track & Field – Men?s 4×100 relay
  • Tuesday (August 16) – Track & Field – Men?s 200m
  • Thursday (August 18) – Track & Field – Men?s 100m

Bolt also talked about the drug scandals surrounding this year?s Olympics. He mentioned that fans should ?keep faith? in the authorities as they seem to be cleaning up the mess. However, the sprinter also noted that in life ?nothing is guaranteed? so there is still a possibility that there may be some athletes out there who are still under the influence of illegal drugs or game-enhancer medicines. But even so, he does not mind playing against them.

?For me going out there, I never worry about that. I just go out there and compete. I think we?re going in the right direction. I must say, we?re weeding out the bad ones. I think people should have faith. We have to go through the rough times before we get to the good times,? Bolt said.

Do you think Usain Bolt will really retire from the Olympic Games? Or, will he come out of it and be like the American swimmer Michael Phelps? Will Bolt be able to break his own record for 200m? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more Olympics 2016 updates, be sure to stay tuned here on The Bitbag.

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