Olympics 2016 Day 5: Recaps, Live Stream, and Replays

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The Olympics 2016 is already on its 5th day and despite the initial bout of successes and dramas happening already, there are still a lot to expect as we approach the competition halfway. Here are the events that have already concluded today and the upcoming events as well.

Several events are already done on Day 5 and Great Britain is looking good as they bag two gold medals in diving and kayaking. The country gets four bronze medals as well from cycling, shooting, judo and gymnastics. Also, Britain?s men?s rugby sevens were able to defeat New Zealand with a score of 21-19. They will now advance to the quarterfinals to face Argentina.

On the other hand, London Olympics 2012 football champs Mexico has already been eliminated and failed to reach the quarterfinals. They fell short to South Korea with a score of 0-1. Meanwhile, in basketball, fans of USA?s Dream Team were nervous after seeing the squad trailing by two at the end of the third quarter against Australia.

It can be recalled that the USA men?s basketball team has dominated their first two games against China and Venezuela by a large margin. Thus, it came as a surprise to see the Dream Team trailing after three periods, but superstars like Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant mentioned they were confident all throughout the game.

After a lot of events are already concluded, here are the other competitions to watch out for in the Olympics 2016 Day 5:

  • Beach Volleyball – Men?s Tournament – Pool B
  • Swimming – Men?s 100m Freestyle – Final
  • Swimming – Women?s 200m Breaststroke – Semifinal 1
  • Swimming – Women?s 200m Breaststroke – Semifinal 2
  • Swimming – Men?s 200m Individual Medley – Semifinal 1
  • Swimming – Men?s 200m Individual Medley – Semifinal 2
  • Swimming – Women?s 4x200m Freestyle Relay – Final
  • Beach Volleyball – Men?s Tournament – Pool A

As of now, Team USA is still leading the medal race with 32 in total including 11 golds. Meanwhile, China is at second with 10 gold medals but only with a total of 23. Japan and Russia take the third and fourth spot with 18 and 15 total number of medals, respectively. While Australia, contrary to the prediction that they would finish at third spot this year, has dropped to the fifth spot with a total medal count of 12 that includes 5 gilts.

For those who want to stream the upcoming events online as well as watch the replays, all of those are available on the as they cover the whole Olympics 2016. You can also watch it here live through the coverage of Philippines? local TV station TV 5:


There you have it! Some of the highlights of the Olympics 2016 Day 5. For more updates about the upcoming events, stay tuned here on The Bitbag. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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