Olympics 2016 Bloopers: The Yikes, the Ouch?s and the Why?s

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Sports has a level of unpredictability. This is what makes it fun, intriguing and immersive. ?Anything can happen? is not far off from the truth. Some of the times, we get to witness the resilience and will of the human spirit. We see the greatest comebacks from the jaws of defeat. We have seen man?s battle with odds stacked against him and prevail. We become witnesses to greatness. Other times, we witness fails.

Yes, sports is so unpredictable that there will be just cringeworthy, laugh-worthy and seriously painful moments. Some are quite harmless like shooting over the bar at an open goal in soccer or having shot an airball for the whole world to see. Some, though, are serious reminders that even with great training and skill, misfortune can still befall a man.

Here?s a short compilation of funny and crazy videos of Olympics 2016 Bloopers.

Olympic Torch Relay

This is the symbolic relay to begin the Olympic Games. This kickoff of the Olympic Games somehow also unwraps some wild scenes and bloopers. There are torch carriers just falling down and slipping. There are pranksters who want to extinguish the flame. There was also this time when what seemed to be a police officer riding a motorcycle crashed on another security personnel just feet away from the torch carrier. Crazy! Video has been compiled by Highlights Tunisie on YouTube.

USA Basketball Team

The U.S. basketball team is on a 12-year undefeated streak but they do not rest on their laurels. They bring talent, guts and just raw will to make this feat possible. They, though, are not invincible to fails, bloopers and just plain embarrassing video footage (like Coach Mike Krzyzewski who was filmed swearing). This is also a fun one as the Team USA athletes just know how to have fun (plane karaoke). Here?s a compilation of it thanks to Ximo Pierto on YouTube. ?


Hope Solo Between the Legs

Has the Zika chants got to Hope Solo? Maybe. Maybe not. But in the game between USA and Colombia, she succumbed to a goal that would have made her haters feel a warm glow inside. Catalina Usme made Team USA trail 1-0 in the 26th minute via a free kick that sailed between Solo?s legs. It looked like as if she was going to catch it but it went through. The match ended with a 2-2 draw. USA finished at the top in their group and is now advancing to the quarterfinals against Sweden.

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