Why Olympians Join American Ninja Warrior, According to Executive Producer Kent Weed

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It looks like there could be no other choice for former Olympic athletes who have accomplished the peak of their sports but to proceed and try out for the TV show American Ninja Warrior. Nearly two dozen Olympians have done so, including former Ninja Warrior, Logan Dooley.

Dooley is set to represent Team USA in the trampoline category at the 2016 Summer Games.

According to executive producer Kent Weed, the Olympians? fascination with the show could be due to the fun and challenge it brings all at the same time. Weed said it is also a great way to get back in shape. The show?s executive producer added that it attracts the competitive side of athletes. He talked about how happy athletes are about the body form they obtain after training for the series of courses.

Jordan Burroughs, an Olympic wrestler, is said to have already communicated with the producers in reference to trying out for the show. It could happen as soon as he is back from Rio de Janiero.

Those were a wonderful eight seasons for the NBC reality competition show. It has seen 23 Olympians attempt the extremely challenging obstacle courses. These include eight gymnasts as well as seven track and field athletes. Those who are more into luge, rowing, boxing, snowboarding and hockey were also included.

The popularity of American Ninja Warrior seems to be growing. Its eight seasons has earned 6 million viewers The numbers of viewers can also be partly attributed to the Olympic Games, according to several audiences.

Weed revealed that they opted to make the stories more relatable, looking to find the human interest angle in every athlete. Although the show has a strong athletic focus, it does not fail to appeal to the emotion of the viewers.

More people seem to care about how an athlete got to where he is rather than his standing. Weed added that what the viewers prefer to know is the story behind how an athlete struggled, how he fought, what he did and what are the things that he had overcome. These are the stories American Ninja Warrior wants to tell.

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