The Olivia Rodrigo x Casetify collection will give you all those edgy girl vibes

Good 4 u, we have found the perfect phone cases from Casetify for you.

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For all Olivia Rodrigo stans out there, check these phone cases from Casetify to unleash your inner edgy girl:

  • DNT ANSWER The Phone Case
  • Purple Butterfly Town Case
  • Black Butterfly Town Case
  • Broken Ego Broken Heart Phone Case

If you’re an Olivia Rodrigo fan or want to unleash your edgy girl side, this Olivia Rodrigo x Casetify collection is made for you! All of these phone cases feature Olivia’s iconic and world-renowned aesthetic combined with Casetify’s protection and durability to keep your phones safe. Be a cool girl like Olivia, and check out these ultra-tough phone cases you should get your hands on today!

DNT ANSWER The Phone Case

Can’t answer the phone right now? Show off your edgy girl boss vibe with the DNT ANSWER The Phone Case from Casetify! This phone case design is perfect for those who want a unique statement piece with the shockproof and durable qualities that Casetify guarantees. If you want to complete the girl boss look, you can also add a metal chain phone strap accessory to really manifest your inner Olivia Rodrigo!

Purple Butterfly Town Case

If you want a more subtle design that still screams Olivia Rodrigo, check out the Purple Butterfly Town Case! This design is perfect for your mirror selfies due to its one-of-a-kind design and pattern. This case is made with an ultra impact crush case to make sure that, unlike your heart, your phone will never get broken! Flaunt your next mirror selfies with this aesthetic phone case!

You can also check out the Black Butterfly Town Case if you are looking for a darker and edgier phone case to match your personality. We hope you’re happy with these butterfly phone cases!

Broken Ego Broken Heart Phone Case

Even when times get tough, the Broken Ego Broken Heart Phone Case from Casetify will never be a traitor. It’s brutal out there, but make sure to still keep your head high by reminding yourself to never get a broken ego and broken heart ever again through this statement phone case! Enjoy the protection of Casetify’s signature phone cases today, and get yourself this phone case!

Enjoy the full Olivia Rodrigo x Casetify collection and remind yourself of your self-worth and self-validation through these unique phone cases that bring out that edgy girl within you!