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It is said that one does not stop playing because one grows old; one grows old because one stops playing. It is for this statement that TheBitBag will be honoring those Old gamers?who still have it in them to fire up the console and continue enjoying life by the pixel. Here are some old gamers we found on the internet


There’s a gamers’ killer instinct underneath that loveable granny facade. We have yet to find it

  1. Doreen Fox (left) ? This woman is probably one of the reasons trashtalkers say their grandma plays better. This right here is a granny who plays Call of Duty. You read that right. This is a game most grannies would bribe you with cookies to stop playing on bingo night. She is about 79 years old and has probably had more birthdays than most players have had girlfriends; or facial hair. This old gamer?claims that the violence is what draws her to gaming. For a Nana that has suffered two strokes already, it is uplifting to see a therapeutic effect from virtual murder.

    When the knitting stops, awesomeness begins

  2. Kathleen Connell (right)? You really can?t take the game out of a gamer. This lady set a record for being the oldest Nintendo player. This record had been obtained in 2012 and at that time, she was 100 years old. That?s like cap level for most MMORPGs, but in real life. This old gamer?should be shrouded in some aura or something for achieving something like that. According to her, her DS Lite helps her keep her brain sharp. She also claims it has helped her feel younger. If there ever was a fountain of youth, this is it.

    There’s ageing gracefully. Then there’s ageing awesomely.

  3. Umeji Narisawa (above)? In a list of extraordinary old people, Japan certainly needs to have a spot. From the land that invented the sleeping bag you can walk into comes this Bomberman legend. She has been playing this gem for more than 20 years. She?s also another player above 90. TheBitBag believes she is the spirit of retro gaming. This old gamer plays in her house in Sendai with al old TV and a Famicon. A FAMICON. We had to capitalize that or else we would have to hit a hipster on the face with a keyboard. The only thing more awesome than that is Steve Buscemi having a tea party.

    We aren’t sure if he plays videogames, though

With wonderful examples like these, TheBitBag begins to wonder what it would be like to be a senior gaming citizen. Old gamers provide us with a wonderful example to look up to for when we reach that particular time of our lives. These remarkable grannies also prove that gaming is not just for the young; but also for those who have several generations of young after them.


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