Ola Jordan & Kristina Rihannoff Booted Off Strictly Come Dancing A Hoax? The Truth Behind The News Revealed!

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Though rumors suggest that Ola Jordan and Kristina Rihanoff have been banned from Strictly Come Dancing, there is no truth to this news.

According to Metro UK, the girls were going to leave the show because of their bosses? behaviour on the show. Apparently Ola had upset them because she kept stating in public that they want to quit the show by the end of this year as she was fed up with the back stage tension.

However, Kristina allegedly annoyed the bosses when she decided to visit the rival show The X-Factor after being spotted sitting behind Simon Cowell. She was taken along by friend Sinitta.

In spite of all this hullabaloo, the BBC has strongly denied this, stating that the girls will in fact both be dancing during Blackpool week.

Mirror UK?has reported that this was just a warning for both the girls. According to a source, ?The producers were furious with the stories. It was only a matter of time before Ola and Kristina were given a dressing down. It was a one-week ban but it?s a warning shot that no one is bigger than the show.?

However, a source told OK! Online, ?Both dancers requested not to come in this weekend themselves. They weren?t banned or left out as the pro routines for this weekend were planned back in August and neither were ever involved in this weekend?s group dances from the outset.?

Though there are two different sides to the story, it won?t be too long before we get to know the truth. Considering the fact that the two dancers have been associated with the show for such a long time, their fans will definitely be upset to know if the two are asked to leave the show.

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