Oklahoma Thunders Express Interest on Blake Griffin; Hopes to Retain Russell Westbrook if They Can Help It

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NBA?s Los Angeles Clippers must be quick in assuring Blake Griffin that he?s absolutely needed in the team next year, if they don?t want the other teams to take him away. Apparently, the Oklahoma City Thunders (OKC) has expressed their interest in the LA Clippers power forward for next year?s trade opening. In light of Kevin Durant?s departure from the OKC team, this has been by far the biggest reveal the team has made.

Meanwhile, this may just be their plan to support Russell Westbrook, whom the OKC team will try to retain in the 2017 season. It?s their best laid out plan and if they can help it, the OKC team will make way for a higher salary cap to retain Westbrook in the team. According to Yahoo Sports, Westbrook and his agent Thad Foucher of Wasserman Media Group are in constant communication with the Oklahoma City Thunder management in hopes of getting a clear and favorable decision for the next season.

Meanwhile, it was prospect guard Dion Waiters who suffered in the the deal as his apparent qualifying offer from the OKC team has been canceled to give way for a better salary cap on Russell Westbrook. In a statement made by The Vertical?s Adrian Wojnarowski, featured on CBSSports, he said ?For Westbrook, the most likely scenario for a renegotiation would be to use the Thunder’s cap space to guarantee he will stay under contract with the Thunder through the 2017-18 season. This would give Oklahoma City the chance to recruit one of its top targets – 2017 free agent and Oklahoma native Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers – to partner with Westbrook, league sources said.?

Enough loss has been haunting the OKC team and it?s painful enough to see Kevin Durant go, but with plans to acquire Blake Griffin next season and retaining Russell Westbrook while simultaneously losing Dion Waiters, the OKC team has decided to seal their roster by signing their own 2013 draft pick Alex Abrines from Spain.


Are you confident that the Oklahoma City Thunders will be able to sign Blake Griffin in next year?s NBA season? What are your thoughts about Russell Westbrook weighing his options on the team? Don?t miss the latest NBA trade rumors by reading on The Bitbag.

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