Okage Shadow King Is The Next PS2 To PS4 Title

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Sony?s recent practice of bringing underrated PS2 games to the company?s current-gen console seems to be continuing as Okage: Shadow King is the latest PS2-to-PS4 game. The quirky RPG will be arriving on the PS4 later this week on March 22 and will have the usual features the PS2 ports have, including higher resolution and trophy support.

Niche Gamer originally reported this when it wasn?t official yet. This seems to have become a trend, as other PS2-to-PS4 titles like Rise of the Kasai were revealed this way. These haven?t always proven to be fruitful, however, since fans are still waiting for the first Max Payne to come to Sony?s platform.

While it didn?t set the RPG world on fire, fans still tend to look back fondly on Okage: Shadow King. The title?s premise sounds fairly dark ? a boy must become the slave of the Shadow King so that he can save his sister ? but it soon becomes fairly quirky and comedic since other characters don?t take Okage very seriously when he boasts about himself.

Tim Burton fans will be pleased with the character designs since most of them look like they came from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It?s interesting how most fans associate the film with Burton since he only produced the cult classic.

March seems like it is going to be a very good month for RPG fans. Aside from Okage, fans also have the New 3DS port of Earthbound to look forward to later this week. There?s also Bravely Second to look forward to, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Bravely Default.

Fans should be able to download Okage: Shadow King on their PS4 later this week when it launches on March 22. Like most games in that line, it will probably cost US$9.99 or US$14.99. Considering that it has trophies, fans should expect it to be the latter.

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