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Network Ten is back with one of the most popular Australian comedy/drama series as Offspring Season 6 has been confirmed for June 29 premiere with a new set, new faces and new writers.

Offspring is finally back from the brink after a two-year hiatus as the show starring Asher Keddie as obstetrician Nina Proudman was put on ice in 2014 when it passed 65 episodes and no longer qualified for Screen Australia financing.

While some saw season five as a fitting ending, with Nina returning back to work as a single mum following the death of her partner, Patrick (Matt Le Nevez), many of the fans petitioned for the return of the Offspring to know the future of their beloved character.

So as the trailer of Offspring debuted last month fans were pretty excited to catch the glimpse of what season six holds for Proudman family. The trailer, however, didn?t reveal much as the clip rather served as reminder of the show?s most shocking storylines, from Nina’s one-night stand with her sister Billie’s partner, Mick, to her ill-fated love affair in season one with colleague Dr Chris Havel. It also showcased some of the tragic scenes of a heavily-pregnant Nina at Patrick’s funeral and the bittersweet birth of their daughter Zoe just a few days later with sister Billie by Nina’s side.

So what next for Nina on Offspring Season 6?

According to News.com.au, Season 6 picks up 18 months on from where we left the Proudman family. In season five Nina returned to work at St Francis Hospital, juggling motherhood and a budding romance with midwife Leo Taylor (Patrick Brammall). Zoe is now two-and-a-half-years old and as the synopsis of new season hints Nina has been in a relationship with Leo. Her sister Billie (Kat Stewart), meanwhile, has been managing husband Mick?s (Eddie Perfect) tour in the UK and youngest sibling Jimmy (Richard Davies) runs his busy Mexican taqueria while his wife Zara (Jane Harber) studies for a medical degree.

The promo also tells us the family will be rocked by a huge event, ?that will see the Proudman clan tested as never before.? It will likely be something so big it will be a make-or-break situation for them. It could be death of another major character but we will have to wait to find that out when the show finally premieres.

In addition Nina has apparently moved house according to the spoiler shared on official twitter account. The old place was ?a death trap for a toddler, you couldn?t stay in that house even though it was gorgeous?, Kat Stewart revealed to News Corp.

Also new characters and faces will seen in Offspring season 6, though creator Debra Oswald announced she would not return for season six as she was happy where the story ended. Also Writer Michael Lucas had signed off. Original cast members Kat Stewart, Lachy Hulme, Patrick Brammall, Deborah Mailman and Eddie Perfect all return. Among the new faces are TJ Power, who plays lawyer Will Bowen, Dan Wyllie as the Director of Clinical Education and Lawrence Leung as an obstetrician.


Offspring Season 6 premieres 29 June 2016 at 8.30 PM on Channel Ten.

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