Official Pokemon Online Store Opens its Doors in August

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One of the most successful franchises in?gaming history is the Pokemon by Nintendo. Over the last 2 decades, there are lots of changes and addition to the Pokemon lists. From games, TV series, and movies, and even collectible items, Pokemon surely made a mark that will never be forgotten. We have to thank Satoshi Tajiri and his practice of catching insects and tadpoles that led to the development of Pokemon. But anyway, there?s ?great news coming up for Pokemon fans. So get your master balls ready, brave the tallest grass, and catch some of the rarest collectibles as a new Official Online Pokemon Store is about to open its doors.

Great new for all Pokemon fans out there ?cause the Official Pokemon Online Store will be opening its doors this coming August. ?Nintendo just announced that they will be starting the countdown for an Official Online Pokemon Center. I seriously hope that Nurse Joy can accommodate all Pokemon trainers that will be looking forward to this awesome announcement.

Over the years, it was way too difficult for Pokemon fans to get their hands on exclusive Japanese Pokemon merchandises. Unless you live in Tokyo or in the US, it will not be easy for you. There are several Pokemon stores or Nintendo Stores in New York and several other stores scattered around Washington. But for those Pokemon fans all over the world, it is hard for them to fill up their Pokedex. Pokemon merchandises are difficult to have especially those limited edition items as it is only available in Official Nintendo and Pokemon stores.

Some of the limited edition Pokemon collectibles are already available. You can now order 3 things: A plush Pikachu that you can purchase for $12.99, a set of Eevee evolution charms for $23.92, or a purple Mewtwo Tumbler for $17.50.

There are more things to buy as the countdown is not set to end until August 6, so you have plenty of time to get ready and say ?Gotta to buy them all!?.


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