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Office 365 US Release Date And Features: New Improvements To Be Aware Of

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The Office 365 E5 plan will now be available for Microsoft enterprise users on December 1. The tech giant has launched a number of new improvements in its Office 365 SKU, replacing the current E4 version and focusing on taking advantage of other operating systems aside from Windows, according to ZDNet.

Among the new line of services are the cross-app integration for its video chat app Skype and the new Office Online extension for web browser Google Chrome. Office Corporate Vice President Kirk Koenigsbauer stated in their official blog that ?there is an improved ?Navigation pane? meant to ease the process of scrolling through huge document files using the online version of MS Word.? On the other hand, he also said that ?the users will come across new and better formatting options in ?Excel Online,? with Powerpoint Online updated with performance fixes,? reported by Neurogadget.

Office apps for Android

Android users who operate Office 365 will slightly experience a brand new feel to their Office apps such as minor improvements for the ?footprint? of the Office apps which have been reduced by almost 40%. Microsoft also guaranteed Android users that they ?will work hard to ensure that more reductions in footprint are introduced in the near future,? according to Neurogadget.

A new and streamlined process of signing in to the Office apps on Android, Android for Work, and the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow have also been installed. Aside from Android, Mac users will also notice a slight improvement in the Visual Basic Editor capabilities, allowing you to add Modules, add Library References and Debugging which ?can be done with the help of shortcut keys,? stated by Neurogadget.

Skype integration with Office 365 SKU

Updates for the Skype integration include an audio and video integration for online versions of MS Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint with Microsoft Outlook adding a new chat update to converse with their Skype contacts straight from the app. It will have support for features from Cloud PBX and Meeting Broadcast, new analytics features like Power BI Pro and Delve Organization Analytics, and new advanced security features like eDiscovery, Customer Lockbox, Data Loss Protection and Safe Attachments, posted by ZDNet.

Price for the new Office 365 E5 will still not be released yet according to a spokesperson interviewed by ZDNet but the price will of course be announced once it comes out on December 1.

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