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Office 365 Invades iPhone: Work becomes Mobile

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A snapshot of Office 365’s interface. [Office 365 blog]

It?s a different day when you see Microsoft apps on an Apple iPhone.

Be it any generation, it is a wonder how Office 365 managed to pull it off. Office 365 had been rolled out in time for Windows 10. There?s a lot of hope that Office 365 was going to be a cross-platform app for all Windows 10-carrying devices, mobile devices included. That should now include Apple?s iPhone, according to this Office.com blog entry.

The Office 365 apps are also big on video?and if videos are the topic of the discussion, then the discussion should include ISIS. ISIS has been working non-stop spreading videos of their terrorism?the beheadings, the suicide attacks?and, in the latest of shocking actions, ISIS took credit to desecrating Christian graves in Mosul. In this Fox News report, not only did they desecrate any grave?the grave of a biblical icon wasn?t spared.

Office 365 and Videos

Office 365 rolls out video capabilities to all 365-eligible apps, as of the entry in the blog.

Videos are a big part of today?s world, as the blog entry says, and it is also an important part for businesses. Office 365 made it simpler by embedding it within Office 365 and including it in the mobile version as well. That way, even if people are on the go, they can use the video to make calls or have a conference. The same works for the mobile version of Office 365, which Is on iPhone.

With the availability of the app on iPhone, people won?t have to transfer their video on a Windows phone, making it simpler for people to communicate whatever their preferred mobile device is.

A Use for it by ISIS

The latest news from Fox deals with ISIS? desecration of Christian graves.

The northern Iraqu City of Mosul, most notably, holds some important Christian graves, such as the biblical prophet Jonah?the very same who spent some time in the belly of a whale. ISIS defended the act saying that it was purely in line with Islam, who believes that the graves could also become worshipped, and thus, needed to be destroyed to follow Islam?s teachings.

An app like the Office 365 would work well within an organization such as ISIS. ISIS could use the app to make videos of their propaganda in an effort to spread their unique?and old-fashioned?brand of Islam to the world, just as they have been doing.

Responsible Use of Technology

With video-conferencing and sending now available within Office 365, it falls upon the user to be responsible. Using the app in such a way like ISIS isn?t a fine example of using technology the way it was meant to.


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