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Oculus VR and Samsung Creating a VR Headset for Mobile Games

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Samsung Working On Virtual
Samsung Working On Virtual

While all the spotlight now?s pointed at this year?s E3 event, VR companies are also trying to get some action in the gaming scene. While all are about Uncharted 4, Hyrule Warriors and Halo 5, some people are very much looking forward as to what Oculus Rift has for them in the near future.

As with the recent acquisition of Facebook, the Oculus Rift?s future is brighter than what people thought. Not everybody bought the idea of Oculus Rift, being part of Facebook?s property, but this indeed made some huge possibilities with how the Oculus grew. Instead of just being a headset whose sole purpose was to be used with PC and Console games and applications, this lets them tweak the virtual reality headset to work with mobile devices as well, particularly with your latest smartphones.

In a report from Engadget, Oculus is said to be currently working with Samsung to develop a dedicated Virtual Reality headset for smartphones, which they refer as an ?interactive space?.

Oddly, we might even start seeing the retail versions of this project from Samsung and Oculus, earlier than the final and the retail version of the Oculus Rift itself. After all, Samsung is always about being the ?first? in the market. What they are working on right now are dev kits for Samsung Galaxy S4, but this doesn?t mean that the technology wouldn?t be optimized for the latest handset or model in the market. There were no specific details given out, however, on how exactly these two will work together.

The Samsung and Oculus partnership would be mutual as this would give Samsung a better view and access to Oculus? software, while Oculus gets a good share on those OLED screens from Samsung.

As for the dates of when the Samsung VR Headset will be out, there?s no official word. However, like we?ve mentioned, Samsung will try its best to be the first among the rest, so give it a year. More or less.

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