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Oculus releases new social games and videos for Samsung Gear VR

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Samsung Gear VR Studio

Facebook-owned Oculus has announced a bevy of new features for Samsung Gear VR. The company is currently focusing on content like videos and games. Last year in November, Samsung and Facebook collaborated and launched the Gear VR.

The South Korean company has also announced that the users who will be pre-ordering the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge would get a free Gear VR headset.

It was declared that from tomorrow, users that have the Samsung Gear VR can create a profile, search for friends and give user reviews for all the apps that are in the Oculus Store. Furthermore, the company is also launching two new social games, which are made of Virtual Reality, and it supports four players.

Recently, Oculus had launched a new game called ?Social Trivia?, which allows you and your friends to compete with each other in a battle of knowledge. You can find the game in the Concepts section of the Oculus Store.

Another game named ?Herobound: Gladiators?, created by Oculus, is an adventure game. The game gives a multiplayer option and is currently available in the Oculus Store. Using the integrated voice chat, you and your friends can play together to defeat goblins and demons in arena battlefields.

While for video section, Oculus will allow users to connect their Facebook accounts with Oculus video and lets you personalize your 360-degree video feed by next week. In addition, users will be able to like, share and react to their favorite Facebook 360 videos in their VR headset in coming the weeks.

In February, Facebook announced that Samsung Gear VR owners have watched 1 million hours of videos, as reported by Venture Beat. The device also offers Twitch or Vimeo streams for users to create private rooms in Oculus Social and watch it with people you know.

In a few days, Oculus is planning to unveil some tools for developers ?that make it even easier to create more incredible social VR games and apps,? notes Venture Beat.

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