Oculus Plans on Making an MMO Game That Utilizes Its VR Headset

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Facebook and Oculus VR
Facebook and Oculus VR

With Facebook?s recent purchase with The Oculus VR, most of its followers might already be wondering what they have under their sleeves for us. Data mining is the first thing that comes into mind with most people who thinks that Facebook and The Oculus VR doesn?t fit very well. While this might be true, a bigger possibility is, the two might be planning on working on a massively multiplayer online game that will make very good use of the Oculus Rift?s capabilities.

In ways, more than one, this would subdue the violent reactions from people for making the deal with the social media giant. However, this will corroborate the chances of getting information from people, which greatly worries the masses (Minecraft creator included). They believe that this will be a new way for Facebook to collect information for itself. What better way to do this than to hide in a charade of an epic-sized MMO game that millions upon millions of players will play?

In a recent tech conference, CEO for Oculus, Brendan Iribe, actually brought up the same idea, though on a larger scale. He intends to have an MMO supported by Oculus VR, for 1 billion players, worldwide, all at the same time. This sounds something out of this world and really hard to believe, especially for startups like the Oculus (at least in a commercial scale), but this can be possible, with the help from Facebook (which has bigger plans in mind)

The first and most important step, according to Iribe, was the deal with Facebook. However, we really can?t see any concrete proof yet regarding this project and we?ll have to wait until next year, at least. Facebook and Oculus still have more time to think about how they will actually materialize this grand idea.

Iribe wants to make sure that the level of immersion will be through the roof and the game (or whatever end-result, this project will have) will feel more ?real?.

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