October promises strong DS lineup.

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Ahhhh, October. The month of changing leaves, trick or treats, and little ghouls and goblins scurrying about. But fear not, dear reader, because luckily for you this month has some promising looking titles to keep you and your DS safe and bone dry! Pun most certainly intended.

Now, for those of you who can’t yet tear yourselves away from Pokemon Pearl, please pay heed. Nintendo’s dual screen mini-monolith really has some stellar apps coming ‘atcha right quick and in a hurry, and from the looks of things, they’ll definitely be able to carry you over until the holiday season. Let’s review!

Phantom Hourglass

First, and most noticeably, the anxiously anticipated Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass has already hit the shelves and to a very warm welcome. My girlfriend refuses to put it down (much to my chagrin…)! With solid controls, astounding visuals, and a story that even surpasses the Wind Waker, it will no doubt be in most DS fans library by this holiday season. However, as anticipated as the Phantom Hourglass was, let’s not let it overshadow some other really superb looking games that are slated for release this month.

Blade of FatePath of Ninja

Bleach and Naruto fans can both rejoice, as these two hit anime shows both have new installments arriving this month. Bleach: The Blade of Fate (out October 8th) is a two dimensional, four player fighting game based on the hit series. The Blade of Fate boasts not only customizable fighters, DS download play, and four player battles, but online play as well! It’s a sure thing for Bleach fans, but also a solid fighting game for non-fans alike. (Look for a review soon here on the Bit Bag!)

Naruto: Path of the Ninja is a turn based RPG, a very different path from the usual side-scroller beat-’em-ups that have already appeared on the DS. Using the traditional RPG formula, you’ll be taking your team of ninja from the beginning of the Naruto story, reliving scene for scene Naruto’s quest to become Hokage. This is an interesting turn for the Naruto series on the DS, and should be anxiously awaited by Naruto fans.

Trials and Tribulations

Objection! One series you just can’t forget about is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and you’ll get plenty action-lawyer mayhem in the ace lawyer’s new game, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations! The latest installment is due out on October 23rd, and promises to offer players five new cases, as well as fill in players more about Wright’s past. The game doesn’t offer any new features, but due to the solid story and functional, entertaining game play, that might not be a bad thing. The Phoenix Wright games are anything but a bore to play, and while this one probably won’t get the attention it deserves (much like the last title), it should still be worth taking a look at.

It’s no secret that the DS is enjoying some substantial sales numbers right now. It’s also no secret that a good portion of the DS’s market is addressed towards younger gamers. There’s some stellar titles out there, for sure, but not too many geared for adults. This is about to be brutally challenged with the release of Dementium: The Ward, Renegade Kid’s terrifying new first person survival horror game.

The Ward

Slated, appropriately, for October 31st, Dementium aims to offer a horrific and thrilling new experience for the DS. Taking place in a disturbingly morbid hospital, players must try and escape with their lives all the while surviving encounters with the hospital’s many grotesque “patients”. Pushing the DS’s hardware capabilities to the limits, Dementium looks to offer a frighteningly refreshing new approach to portable gaming. Definitely keep your finger near the pulse on this one….if you can!

So don’t fret the Autumn lull, there are plenty of reasons to keep busy until the holiday seasons! And at $30-35 a pop, these titles would make excellent stocking stuffers for friends and family alike!



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