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Let these robot vacuum and mop cleaners do the work

Clean your house without any sweat!

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Keep your house automatically clean at all times with Dreametech:

  • Advanced, easy to use, and versatile robot vacuum and mop
  • Remove all the dust, dirt, and stains from the floor, carpet, and furniture
  • Makes cleaning the house more efficient and easier

Maintaining your house clean is really important to keep all the dust, germs, bacteria, and other pollutants at bay. However, it can also be stressful and time-consuming, especially if your house is quite big. You might also encounter problems like damaging your furniture or failing to properly clean your house if you’re not using the right cleaning equipment. 

It is important to use efficient cleaning equipment when cleaning your house to make the process easier and less stressful. With all the modern cleaning equipment available in the market, Dreametech’s robot vacuum and mop can make a huge difference. You can choose from four kinds of rechargeable and advanced robot vacuums and mops that will help you clean your house without breaking a sweat. 

They have self-cleaning, spot cleaning, and 3D obstacle avoidance features that pick up all the dust, dirt, and even pet hair on the floor. You can simply connect and control them on your phone, then let them do the work as you focus on other household chores. They can also scan other furniture or stuff placed on the floor to remove the dirt and dust clinging on them. 

One of the Dreametech robot vacuum and mop models to check out is the Dreametech Bot D9 Robot Vacuum and Mop. It removes dirt, dust, and stains simultaneously with three water volumes that adapt to different dirt cleaning and four suction levels that automatically boost up to max suction when detecting carpets. 

The advanced LiDAR system generates a map of the surrounding area even in the dark, resulting in a thorough cleaning. You can control the cleaning or set the cleaning schedule through the app, and the robot will immediately respond to your voice. It has a 150-minute run time, too, so it can keep running for long periods of time! 

Dreametech also offers other robot vacuum and mop models: Dreametech Bot W10, Dreametech Bot Z10 Pro, and Dreametech Bot Z10 Pro, all of which combine powerful vacuum and mop functionality that makes cleaning the house more efficient and hassle-free.