Obama’s Education Campaign Receives $750M from Tech Companies

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U.S President Barack Obama receives aid from the tech industry in his campaign to equip schools with the latest technology. This was mentioned in his State of the Union Address last week. Obama spoke at Maryland middle school Tuesday and announced that $750 million worth of pledge was given by tech companies to help him provide schools with Internet access, software, tablets, computers, cash and other forms of support.

ConnectED Campaign

Obama?s ConnectED education technology campaign was launched in June last year. The U.S President said that he plans to harness the ingenuity of the private sector in America. Obama added that they began calling business leaders to help in this campaign, saying that technology is a tool.

Who are these tech giants?

Apple was one of the tech companies that contributed to this campaign. The company donated $100 million worth of MacBooks, iPads and other products, including professional and content development tools for the disadvantaged schools. AT&T, on the other hand, donated more than $100 million worth of free Internet access for three years.

Autodesk pledged its Design the Future 3D design program for free, to be made available in all secondary schools in the country worth more than $250 million. Microsoft is providing a deep discount on its Windows operating system. O?Reilly Media will partner with Safari Books Online to provide $100 million worth of educational tools and content for free to all schools in the country.

Sprint will give free wireless service to high school students with low income for the next four years, which was valued at $100 million. Verizon announced its multi ? year program for this campaign worth $100 million in cash, as well as in kind donations.

High ? Speed Internet to 99% Schools in Five Years

The goal of Obama?s campaign is to provide high ? speed Internet connection to almost all of its schools within five years. Less than 30% of the country?s schools have broadband and Obama feels that free Wi-Fi should also be made available to schools. In his State of the Union Address, the U.S President said that the federal government would make a down payment worth $2 billion to this ConnectED campaign.

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