NYC’s First Touchscreen Subway Map Now Ready to Guide You

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The 134 ? year ? old Manhattan subway system is now going digital. Its Metropolitan Transit Association has installed the very first touchscreen subway map in the Grand Central Station last month. This self ? updating on ? the ? go kiosks let people find their routes and know when trains will arrive. It will also update passengers in case of delays. This new solution will make subway trips less stressful, especially for tourists.

Tap, Drag and You?re Ready to Go

The high ? tech subway map is easy to use. You have to tap on your chosen station on the kiosk, then wait for the screen to show you the route with suggested train lines. To view the boroughs, drag your fingers across the subway map. Even if you cannot zoom in, the screen is impressively responsive. This does not work like the taxi screens that you jab with your fingers or the hypersensitive smartphones you use.

Tourists will find its usage simple. Those who want to visit the Statue of Liberty can tap the Points of Interest button to select the place among the list of landmarks. The subway map will automatically fill the screen with suggested routes to help you with your itinerary.

Real Time Information

The kiosks automatically updates when there are train delays or emergency maintenance work. The high ? tech subway map works on real ? time information to help people get relevant route updates. A yellow triangle with exclamation point will pop up in case of problems, which you can tap to find out what went wrong. You can also request for an alternate route by tapping the arrow button on the right.

Everything You Need to Know in One Touch


The touchscreen feature of these kiosks were not paid for by the city, but by Control Group ? a company that hopes to earn profit by displaying ads on the screens. They have been working on these kiosks since last year and even placed test units in the Bowling Green station.

These kiosks are durable enough to withstand millions of angry hands everyday. Just remember to place a hand sanitizer inside your bag everytime you plan to use the subway map.

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